FSBO? Think Again — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

In theory, a home FSBO — or for sale by owner — usually sounds like a great idea but seldom benefits sellers or homebuyers. Research has shown that selling your home the FSBO route means losing about 5% of the value you would if you went the real estate agent route. No homeowners should lose out on getting the right deal for their home, especially when a local real estate agent can handle most of the process for you. For homeowners looking to sell their home FSBO, find out why you might be better off turning to a pro.

You’ll Waste Precious Time

Being a real estate agent is a full-time job for a reason. Home sales are an extensive process filled with a ton of information and a lot of push and pull. There’s a reason agents are always on the phone with clients or other contacts, as there are so many different tasks to be completed when selling your house. 

Working on your own will waste a ton of time, and you’ll miss out on good-quality homeowners simply because you don’t have enough time to view them. You don’t want to be caught rushing home from work because of a lead or miss out on a potential buyer because you’re taking the kids to school. A real estate agent can help save a ton of time and take advantage of the market opportunities present.

You’ll Save More Money With an Agent

Typically, homeowners sell their homes FSBO to save money on commission fees and other payouts from real estate agents. Normally, an agent can get you between 10-30% net profit, and when compared to the 2% commission you’ll pay per sale, a professional real estate agent is worth it. In addition, listing agents don’t charge you any upfront fees to sell your home, so you won’t have to worry if you don’t complete your real estate transaction.

Agents Help Identify Qualified Purchasers

The best real estate agent spends time studying the market, and one of the perks of an agent is that you can whittle away the buyers who aren’t qualified for purchase. Agents know all the right questions to help identify true interest in your home and whether or not the buyer’s qualifications are in the realm of the sales price of your home. In addition, having an agent around makes things more comfortable for qualified buyers, as the presence of a seller can make potential buyers rush through the home and not truly get a good feel for the home.

Agents Help Take the Emotion Out of the Process

Let’s face it, even if you want to sell your home, you probably still feel some way about getting rid of somewhere you once lived and made a ton of memories. Whether you hated the house or made a ton of pleasurable memories in your home, real estate agents help you get the true value of your home no matter what. Some sellers over or underprice their homes, refuse counteroffers they view as insulting or might settle due to common lifestyle experiences with the buyer.

Agents act as your conscience, giving you peace of mind during tough situations and smoothening the relationship between buyers and sellers. Some problems — like rescinded purchase agreements — can be challenging to deal with, but a trusted real estate agent by your side can help you recover and keep pushing through the process. 

Agents Have Specially Crafted Negotiation Tactics for all Scenarios

Negotiation is the name of the game, and experienced agents know some of the best ways to market your home and balance any bidding wars between buyers and sellers. The buyer’s agent is likely a skilled negotiator, and you don’t want to hop into a negotiation with little to no experience. It’s always a good idea to turn to a real estate agent who knows the inner workings of the market, what terms matter in the negotiation, and any common traits of the opposing skilled negotiator to help maximize the value of your sale. 

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